Cancer Research UK is the world’s largest charity dedicated to saving lives through research. They are one of the few organisations across the globe with the expertise to be able to tackle the disease and have been responsible for creating a pipeline of cancer drugs and treatments unmatched globally by any other charitable cause.

Cancer Research UK’s work is almost entirely funded by the public donations. It raises money through donations, legacies, fundraising, events and retail and corporate partnerships. James was approached by Cancer Research UK and was moved when the charity shared with him stories of the suffering and pain this horrible, devastating disease brings to individuals and families but was also hugely inspired by research work that Cancer Research UK was undertaking.

James immediately committed to supporting the charity and is currently a patron of the Catalyst Club. The Catalyst Club is a unique and innovative venture aiming to raise £10m from philanthropic donations to drive forward personalised medicine, focusing particularly on cancers that share a poor five year survival rate. As part of the club James has welcomed the chance to become part of the efforts being made by Cancer Research UK to make personalised medicine a reality.

James believes that given the threat that cancer presents to us all that we should all join together and become directly involved in creating the resources to fund more research. He regards the current systems and processes for the prescription and distribution of cancer medication as ‘hit and miss medication’; a shameful lottery. Along with the staff and supporters of Cancer Research UK, James believes that properly funded medical science can do better and that by supporting the work of the Catalyst Club we can improve ‘personalised medicine which the Catalyst Club sees as the way forward.

James talks about the Catalyst Club and its pioneering venture to raise £10 million towards personalised medicine