The NSPCC is the UK’s leading children’s charity. For over 100 years the charity has fought and campaigned to eradicate child abuse. In his auto-biography ‘The ‘Real Deal’, James sets out his journey from Lahore, to Brick Lane to international boardrooms and details the strong family values that gave him security and insights as a child, as he made his way in life. These values were intrinsic to his world view from the start and his commitment to children’s welfare and well-being has grown stronger and deeper as James became a parent himself.

James knows all too well the importance of caring and nurturing children and protecting them from harm and exploitation. The welfare of children is an issue that James is wholly committed to and he continues to campaign to join with others to make a difference. James is directly involved with the NSPCC and has put his business acumen to good use as a member of their Fundraising Committee.

James partook in and supported the NSPCC – Full Stop Campaign, which was a huge success. The appeal not only exceeded its goal of raising £250 million but most importantly it helped put the issue of child abuse in the media spotlight and on the political agenda. The campaign has enabled the NSPCC to drive their agenda for change and has given a huge financial boost to the charity, enabling them to roll out a national campaign to draw more supporters to their cause.Where issues were once not openly discussed, and in some quarters even seen as a taboo subject, they are now in the spotlight and form part on an ongoing public debate. The Full Stop Campaign initially focused on the problems and issues surrounding child abuse and exploitation.

As a result of the success of this campaign it has been able to raise awareness and tell people how their support can lead to positive outcomes and success in combatting child abuse so that, together we can make a difference, not just to the current generation of children but to generations of children yet to be born, so that they can be part of a society free from exploitation and child abuse.