The British Asian Trust is an international development organisation, delivering high quality programmes in South Asia that are prospering and fair for all.

It was founded in 2007 by HRH The Prince of Wales and a group of visionary British Asians, to support large-scale, lasting change across the region.

South Asia is home to 27% of the world’s poorest people. 730 million people there are surviving on less than $2.5 a day. The Trust therefore, works with businesses, government, foundations and civil society, to build programmes that support vulnerable people in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Their programmes work to reduce poverty and disadvantage for communities. At all times, the focus is on outcomes and impact in education, livelihoods, anti-trafficking and mental health initiatives.

The Trust specialises in and champions the use of social finance products to drive positive change, in order to tackle widespread poverty, disadvantage and hardship.

As an ambassador for the Trust, James is proud and delighted to be part of an organisation that is doing such innovative work in South Asia and the UK.

James is a regular supporter of a number of initiatives and events of the Trust and uses his prominent social media influence he gives the organisation the maximum awareness and prominence that is deserves.

HRH Prince Charles explains how by supporting carefully selected projects we have shown how can we can transforms the lives of those in need

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