Our Mission

The James Caan Foundation was set up to help those less fortunate and is based on the principle that education and entrepreneurship are at the heart of relieving people out of hardship.

Embodying the entrepreneurial spirit of its founder, the JCF works in three key areas: Education, Entrepreneurship and Development both in the UK and abroad, with a primary focus on Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investment.

Bridging the expertise and resources of James’ business background with the aims of the foundation, the JCF support projects across the world that look at enterprise to provide people with a better future.

James Caan CBE

Founder of the James Caan Foundation

The types of projects that we support include

  • Build A Village – Providing the victims of natural disasters with the tools they need to rebuild their lives, from the materials and skills they need to rebuild their homes; to poultry and cattle to earn a sustainable income for themselves
  • Social Impact – Working with UK based social enterprises to provide them with the skills, support and business expertise to scale their operations and increase their impact on the community
  • Entrepreneurship Education – Taking the material and expertise amassed over James’ 30 years in business, and making these lessons learned widely available to people so that they have a great chance at setting up their own businesses

our projects


Build a Village Project – Rebuild Flood Stricken
Villages to Help People Get Their Lives Back


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